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Master Your Finances & Empower Your Success!

Payroll is an essential and often overlooked aspect of a successful small business. In order to have an organized business plan and consistent profitability, a well-planned bookkeeping system is essential.

Often times a small business owner overlooks the additional costs, such as employee benefits, additional payroll taxes, recruiting & training, etc. that are associated with a full or part time bookkeeper. Outsourcing your bookkeeping and administrative tasks to Imperial Agency will save you time & money by eliminating that costly overhead to your business.

Our staff utilizes the most widely used software on the market today, including QuickBooks, Quicken, Sage, Master Builder, My Fuel Tax & Quantum Project Manager. We will set up a bookkeeping system specialized for your line of work. We have extensive experience in the Construction Industry, Day Care Facilities, Attorneys, Beauty Salons, Moving Companies, Financial Institutions, Non-Profit Organizations and many others. Reduce the time and energy you spend on doing your own books after a long day of operation and be free to do what you do best.

We come to you or remotely. Spend time on your business, not on your books.

Imperial Agency is the smart choice to outsource your bookkeeping needs. Imperial Agency allows you to focus your time on sales, not your finances. Most small business will only need 1-5 hours of bookkeeping per month to have their bank account and credit cards reconciled and recording of their monthly expenses.

We provide the following services:

Accounts Payable: provide payment schedule, prepare & print checks, mailing
Accounts Receivable/Cash or Credit Receipts: Data entry, Invoicing, Invoice Printing, Finance Charges, Customer Statements.

Billing information is entered into the system. Data that has been prepared for billing will be sent to you to be verified for accuracy. Invoices will be printed and mailed directly to your customers on a schedule that will maximize your cash flow (daily, weekly, and monthly).

Reports on: Vendors, Expenses, Check Register, Bills Due for Payment

Vendor Invoices, which you have approved for payment after verifying receipt of merchandise and proper charges, are coded to correct expense account and entered into the system.
When payments for the invoices are due according to vendor terms, a computer check is printed and attached to supporting documents.

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Don’t make the mistake of trying to run the whole business by yourself. Get your time back now and let us help you. A simple task that takes you several hours to complete will take us a fraction of that time.

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